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This is a full view of Richard Vye's layout. First started in 1988, Dog Tooth Mountain Railroad is really two railroads
morphed into one.  The original "urban" section is a nice little switchyard with 12 turnouts, a wye, a three-way turnout,
a double crossover and two crossings.  It has a complete engine facility that includes a three-stall engine house and engine
repair shop, a turntable, a coaling tower, water tower, sand tower with drying house, machine and blacksmith shops,
ash pit and its conveyer, and various other things such as the handcar storage house and the yard's interlocking tower.

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Here is a overview of the coaling tower, with the repair facilities just to the left and water tower to the right.

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A special tip of the hat goes to Woodland Scenics.  Their scenery material was used to make
at least ninety percent of the scenery.  Some trees were made by Richard, but most were store bought, made
by Heki.  All of the track on the layout is Walthers code 83.  All of the tracking sits on Atlas cork roadbed.
To "lower" the apparent height of the roadbed (especially in the yard section) Richard filled the area between strips
of cork with sterilized dirt.  The bridges are Campbell kits, and the water beneath them was made from Envirotex(c) epoxy. 

A special thanks goes to Allied Model Trains in Culver City, CA

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