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This is just a taste of the thousands of date nails in  Mr. and Mrs. Gustafson's collection. 
Please visit WARM to get more detail and information about this collection. 

The number on each date nail contains the date it was put into the tie or pole,  and the shape gives some information about the tie or pole itself.  For more information about date and pole nails in general, see the links below. 


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  Over 70% of the nails in Mr. and Mrs. Gustafson's collection were personally hunted and pulled by Mr. Gustafson. 







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Four walls and two cabinets in the museum are  dedicated to Mr. Gustafson's collection.








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This collection includes nails from railroads and poles from Germany, Switzerland, France, England, Canada, Peru and Mexico, among other countries.  









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A detailed picture of Southern Pacific Date Nails and other collectibles. 










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A detailed picture of the  French Government date nails.  This collection includes includes both tie and pole nails. 









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A detailed picture of Santa Fe date nails and collectibles.  Each date nail shape signifies some information about the tie it was placed in.  For example, pentagons were used on relocated or re-used ties.    






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